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 Chaos and Clutchfiend (Part IV)
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Kawanua the Fallen Angel
New Member

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Posted - 11/05/2001 :  20:59:51  Show Profile  Email Poster  Send Kawanua the Fallen Angel an instant message
((Well, lets continue))

Kawanua throws the rocks and rubble off himself, then dusts him self off, he stands up then looks for his pet. he kicks rock away and finds lizzie muching on a old chocolate bar. he picks her up...with the chocolate bar and places her on his shoulder.

" Maybe that chocolate bar will keep you occcupied. "

Kawanua hears a roar from one of his dragons, suddenly all the dragons fly towards him and lands gently.

" Alright who knows where Clutch's base is??? Hello?? I'm talking to you..-_- "

A little cry comes from the distance and a object flies closer and closer to kawanua, its the last dragon. It swoops down and lands infront of Kawanua.

" What is it my cheerful one? "

Dragon: I found the base, its on Red alert mode. Its in that direction *points*, also This person called Dom told me to say Hi for him. :)

" Ahh that Dom guy i met before maybe i shoulds followed him, good boy you will become a powerful and intellegent dragon when you get older. Welldone, Alright everyone good job*opens a rift* time to go back to your dens, except for you. "

All the dragons leave except for the one who found the base, Kawanua looks down and changes back into his human form.

" I shall call you Chentala, *pats her head* take me to the base, and hurry chen. "

Kaworu jumps on to Chentala with lizzie still on his shoulder, still muching on the choco bar. Chentala gradually flies into the air and swoops down to the ground then flies high above and flies in the direction where Clutch's base is.

Life is a meaningless word unless you actually live

Soul Reaver
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Posted - 11/06/2001 :  07:08:36  Show Profile  Email Poster  Visit Soul Reaver's Homepage
(ooc: Hi Kawanua. For future reference... you can't open any portals on this world. So no more rifts from now on.)

Soul Reaver, gets up from his meditation, picking up his armour. He buckles it on with accustomed ease. He then reaches for Blooddrinker - the sword rises from the floor and flies into his hand with a metallic clang.

For a moment, he says nothing. Then, he slams his fist sideways into the nearby doorframe. Splinters of wood shower over him.

"Asaki... curses. And Thisa- I mean, Jihon... I suppose we have no choice now. We must attack before it is too late. Let us get ready."

Gabriel sits forlornly on the ground before Soul Reaver. He picks the cat up. It looks at him with a sad expression on it's feline face.

"It knows all too well that it has lost it's master." Soul Reaver states somewhat sadly.

"Dom, please make sure Gabriel is safe. See if you can find a way to take it's mind off the current situation.

Clutchfiend, it's now up to you to decide what will happen. This is your city. Lead on."

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Sabre Soldier
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Posted - 11/06/2001 :  07:44:37  Show Profile  Email Poster
Don't worry Tamrissa, I have everything under control. I know that the one knows something, but the other was just there with her. So, I'm going to get rid of her for now. Be down in a moment.

*Sabre Soldier looks at the goth that feels a little worried about him, and gazes at her. She soon finds herself falling into a deep sleep. As for the other one, Sabre Soldier turns her around and rubs the back of her neck.*

I have something better than any drug. You have your own piece of heaven at your fingertips. Do you wish to taste heaven?

Goth 2: umm...sure..I guess so

Good, enjoy

*Sabre Soldier breaths a warm breath on the back of her neck, and plunges his fangs in. The female falls into his arms on contact, breathing heavily in a deep ecstacy. He soon stops, teasing the girl to a point*

Now, I want you to come with me. I have to ask you a few questions.

Goth 2: pllea..please don't stop. Please. I'll come with you if you don't stop..please

Thank you, I appreciate it. *mindspeaks to Tamrissa*
I'm on my way down. This ones a keeper. I felt it in her blood.

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Posted - 11/06/2001 :  08:15:43  Show Profile  Email Poster  Send Dom an instant message
(ooc:Soul that was a while ago. I already posted but I'll take care of the cat anyway.)

*Dom takes the cat from Soul and puts him in his arms.

"Okay Soul."

He heads outside and flys over to the inn he stayed in. He walks in to find the manager packing his stuff.

"Ummm...excuse me."

"Sorry, rooms are.... oh you."

"I need a favor and if you liked the pertty stones I gave you earlier you will do this." Dom opens his trenchcoat and pulls out a large bag of diamonds and rubys. He puts them on the counter and the man takes them to examine the content. He smiles.

"Yes, sir. What can I do for you."

"Well, see this cat. I need you to take care of him while the battle is going on. His name is Gabriel and he likes paper balls. I'm going to come back here after the battle and pick Gabriel up, okay. I'll make sure this place does not get destroyed. But, if the cat is not here I will hunt you down. Understand?"


"Okay, here you go. I'll be back and remember." Dom hands the cat to the manager and flys back to the base.

Dom looks up at Ella and smiles

"Nope the shield idea is gone. We are just going to walk up the front door and ask if we can come in for tea. Also, everyone is getting stuff ready. But, Asaki has turned evil, Thisias has seperated from Jihon and went to go and join his brother Gisias, Jihon went to kill Gisias, there is a legion of Chaos things coming this way, but the best part is I just saw a dragon. He was so be-a-utiful."

Dom goes into a dreamy state. He snapps out of it.

"Anyway come join us as we wait for the rest of the crew."

"I fight for the love of the people and the peace of the world."

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Sabre Soldier
New Member

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Posted - 11/06/2001 :  12:17:36  Show Profile  Email Poster
*Sabre Soldier looks at the girl.*

Madaam. You know something. I will need your help. Please cooperate.

Goth 2: Um...sir..are you a vam...

Vampire? Yes I am. But anyways, we must be going.

*Sabre Soldier picks up the girl. She doesn't seem to be too afraid. Most likely because of the drugs that she's on. They must have had an effect on her. Sabre Soldier then opens up the window, and jumps out, landing next to Tamrissa.*

Well, shall we be going then Tamrissa. This one said she will cooperate. She has witnessed something. I think it will provide very beneficial. We better hurry. Keep up if you can...Wait, I've never been to the base, I guess you'll have to lead this time.

*Sabre Soldier cradles the teenage girl, and puts her to sleep. He then begins to follow Tamrissa. While on their way, they manage to witness a platoon of Chaos Troops passing. Afterwards, another passes, but see's the man Tamrissa has with him, and stops. They turn to the 4, and aim their bolters at them. The man screams out to them for help, making accusations against Tamrissa, and Sabre Soldier.*

Fei: Well, here we are again. We'll have to get rid of them before they call backup.

Dragon: Way to go again genius. I hope your happy. You could have just stayed behind and had some fun, but NO! You have to follow blondie here back to the base to squeal some info out of our whore. Just great. Just F***ing great. Well, have fun, I'm tired!

*Fei sits the girl down in the alley, and puts his hands up as the chaos guards approach.*

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Tamrissa Roshan
Starting Member

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Posted - 11/06/2001 :  12:47:19  Show Profile  Email Poster
Tamrissa growls and slams her knee into the back of the man’s legs, making him fall down into a kneeling position.

Shut up or I will use you as a shield! she pries into the spy’s mind, the dagger pressing against his neck.

She brings her right hand up in a salute to the Chaos Troops as they come closer.

“Just taking this traitor back to our Lords, sir,” she stares straight ahead as one of the troopers steps away from the others, signaling that he is in command. “He was found to be giving information to the enemy, sir.”

The kneeling man tries to get up, immediately denying the accusation, and she uses the blade to knick his neck, a stream of blood beginning. He goes back to his knees and stares up at the Chaos troops in fear.

“You will show respect, traitor, or I will cut your tongue out!"

Her eyes go back to staring straight ahead and she waits for approval from him. Internally, she is grinding her teeth, ready to kill the Chaos Troop herself.

Fei, get ready to break a few skulls...I doubt they'll buy this and, frankly, I'd like to kill them anyway.

[OOC: Hey, Sabre, is Tamrissa able to hear what the dragon says?]

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Asaki Masako
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Posted - 11/06/2001 :  15:49:15  Show Profile  Email Poster
Chaos Temple:: Tenshin and Senshi are looking out the window towards the base.
Tenshin: "A matter of moments and the universe will be ours." He looks over at Senshi who merely stares outside blankly. He removes a silver ring from his pocket. He takes Senshi's hand, who continues to stare out into space, and places the ring on her finger. "This is a very effective weapon used by some Chaos Lords. You want to know why it is so effective? Because, it doesn't look like a weapon at all. It's called a Spark Blade. It's controlled by your energy. You need only to think of an element and it will form into a sort of...sword in your hand. It's my gift to you." Senshi looks at her hand. A villainous grin spreads across her brother's face. "Come now. We must prepare for battle. I don't want to miss the...demise of your former comrades." Tenshin walks out of the room, followed by Senshi and the two men from before.

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Mod Squad Member

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Posted - 11/06/2001 :  16:21:57  Show Profile  Email Poster  Visit Jihon's Homepage  Send Jihon an instant message
*Stryder and Jihon finally reach the landing zone. The Tritons kneel and they run out towards the Base.*

"God I hope they are still here. I need to warn them. The Triton army is attacking in the morning!"

*They both run full speed up to the building and come charging in before the guards can think to stop them. The immediantly run into the room where Clutch and soul are.*

"Guys the Triton forces are attcking first thing in the morning!"

*Jihon takes a quick glance at the clock.... It is 6:00 in the morning.*

"****! We need fuel and fast!"

*Jihon looks at Stryder and looks back at Clutch and Soul.*

"This is Stryder... He lost the Tbf tournement right before I did."

*Jihon is now pacing around the room with worry in his eyes. He waits for Clutch to tell him where to find fuel. In his mind he thinks...*

Damnit... first the quicksilver and then Rose... My one and only true love... If I wasnt so pissed off I'd be suicidal! Its all my fault I never should have gone there.... I never should have let her love me... I should have never... GOD DAMNIT!! Gisias is gonna die... I'll tear his inards out and make him eat them! God how could this happen to me! Why me... My whole life am I cursed to fall victom to this bull****! Its the mask I'm telling you! Its this goddamn mask! I want it off... But if I kill gisias I have no one who can! Oh well... My revenge comes before my self pity! If it was anyone else I weouldent be doing this.... THISIAS!!!!!

*Jihon finds himself thinking out loud. His anger is now clearly showing through.*

"Hurry Clutch Think fast they'll be here any moment!"

*Just as Jiohon speaks he hears some loud clanking noises outside. Machine gon fire and The clanging of sword also can be heard...*

"Damn them... They came in under cloak! ****!"

*The thunderouse noise of tritons walking can be heard outside...*

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Posted - 11/06/2001 :  19:45:13  Show Profile  Email Poster
"No, sorry to say but no espionage mis--"

Halcon is cut off during the middle of his sentence. Gun fire can be heard through the door to the outside. The door bends with each bullet as they fly into it. Halcon stands up and tightens his gauntlets.

"Looks like they are gonna make the first move. Want to have some fun?"

Jobaber, they are attacking. Get under a bunch of them and collapse the ground underneath them, then get the hell out of there. After that hide and wait for me to reach you again.

A faint rumbling can be felt underneath the base as Jobaber moves out to do his duty. Halcon grins and tightens his gauntlets again. A small clicking can be heard this time and he nods with content.

"We need a plan. Jobaber is slowing a few of them down as we speak, but it is only a matter of time before they close in on us."


Jobaber travels underneath the ground towards a bunch of tritons and soldiers. It feels their footsteps in the ground and notices that a lot of the enemy are around. Slowly, as not to cause any unneeded vibrations, Jobaber curls up into a ball. The ground falls in around him and it is surrounded by dirt and rocks. With a small grunt it flails out its body, separating each seperate rock that it is composed of from each other. They spread out in different directions, causing the ground infront of them to be pushed away. The small amount of topsoil left only holds for a few seconds. As one of the tritons steps down it gives way. The soldiers die on impact when they reach the bottom of the hole. Yet the tritons land on their feet, with their boosters shooting off as the reach the ground. They did not have enough time to react and their tritons leg parts are damaged, but still work enough for them to move. They slowly edge their way to the walls of the hole and attempt to climb up. Jobaber realizes that it could easily finish them off, so it does. It's scattered parts that surround the hole start to move back to their original spot. They all meet at the center of the hole. They have increases speed and punch right through the tritons armor on their way. Jobaber is whole again and is standing in the middle of the hole. Bolts of electricity flow from each triton. Jobaber realizes that they will soon explode and he burrows deeper into the ground. As the hole closes up from gravity the tritons explode, sendig mechanical parts in every direction.

Good job Jobaber!!

Halcon chuckles to himself, then looks around and shrugs, waiting for the others to come up with a plan...

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Posted - 11/06/2001 :  20:46:47  Show Profile  Email Poster
*A Chaos guard steps out of the shadows off to the side of the platoon causing all the guards to gaze at him.*

Within a few seconds the "guard" grabs a nearby telephone pole, rips it out of the ground with equal ease and proceeds to use the pole to smash the entire platoon into the nearest building.

"Take that you filthy scum." He gazes over to the 2 people who were about to begin fighting with the guards just a few seconds before."Sorry for spoiling your fun but I decided that it was time for me to show myself. I am Jharm, an enemy of the Chaos guards, and a friend to anyone who is against them. If you do not mind I would like to follow you in case you have any more run-ins with chaos troops. We might want to hurry in case any of those morons actually survived my batting practice...*chuckle*...which I highly doubt." (the entire time he is talking he is juggling the pole back and forth)

* walks over to Fei and Tamrissa (of course he does not know their names yet)*

"Well let's get going"

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Tamrissa Roshan
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Posted - 11/06/2001 :  22:50:49  Show Profile  Email Poster
Tamrissa puts her hands on her hips as she watches Jharm pummel the soldiers with the pole. She grabs the back of her spy’s shirt and wretches him upward to his feet, holding the dagger at his neck with her other hand.

“An overly effective way of getting rid of them…but I thank you all the same,” she smiles sweetly at the newcomer and shoves the prisoner forward. “And I’d prefer if you didn’t follow along…you gain our trust, you turn against us, who knows. No, we have enough to deal with…thank you for your help again, sir, and goodbye.”

She presses the blade against the side of the man’s neck as he begins to use some vulgar language directed towards her. Her other hand tightens on his shirt and she pushes him along as she begins walking again. She steps over one of the Chaos troopers, giving him a kick as she passes.

“Fei, we need to go…there is something major going on. Thank the man and come on,” she calls over her shoulder and continues on.

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Posted - 11/06/2001 :  23:03:54  Show Profile  Email Poster  Send Dom an instant message
Dom sits holding his blade when the Triton army attack. He hears them and is about to get up and go make their life hell when Halcon stands up. He walks toward the squad. Dom watches as Halcon take care of the troops. They die in an odd manner that makes Dom wonder how exactly did they die. Halcon looks around after the massacer and shrugs, he sits down next to Dom. Dom looks at Halcon with a confused face.

"How did you kill all those guys?!?!"

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Posted - 11/06/2001 :  23:14:18  Show Profile  Email Poster
Ella braces herself against the wall as the floor rumbles with the tritons steps. When Dom and Halcon seem to be lost for a plan, she reaches to her belt and un-straps a capsule with the number five on it.

Wanna try our luck using their weapon against them? she smirks and holds the capsule up. I bet we could all squeeze into one triton…it’d be easier to control too…more hands. Might be kinda fun.

She waits for an answer, her dark blue eyes glittering with excitement.

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Junior Member

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Posted - 11/06/2001 :  23:14:28  Show Profile  Email Poster
(OOC: Hey Soul and back a little ways. I have Gabriel, I took him from Dom just before Joe Cool closed the thread.....Jihon did tell me to take care of him.....))

"Jihon, I have someone who wants to see you."

cLuTcHFieND opens his arms and Gabriel jumps down. He runs to Jihon and rubs up against his legs, purring happily. cLuTcHFieND starts to head for the door.

"We need to get to the temple as quickly as possible. The marines staitioned here will be more than enough to hold the city. Follow me."

cLuTcHFieND quickly leads Dom, Jihon, Strider, and Soul Reaver to the armory. cLuTcHFieND begins to suit back up in his power armour.

"Take anything you guys think you'll need. We have plenty to go around."

cLuTcHFieND gestures to the racks of weapons surrounding him. He then finishes suiting up by clamping his helmet onto his head. He then runs over to the gun racks and takes a plasma pistol, two automatic bolt pistols, and a bolt rifle. He straps these on and then opens an unseen compartment behind the racks. He pulls out a long sword with an elaborately designed sheath. He unsheaths it and inspects it. Its blade is a dark slate grey color, and it is covered with strange inscriptions and carvings, most of them having something to do with fire.

My war sword. I haven't taken this into a battle since my fight with Soul Reaver, right before Kalana helped him, Jihon and the others destroy the planeswalker in Phyrexia. I know I'm much stronger now than I was then. I just hope it's enough.

cLuTcHFieND sheaths his sword and straps it across his back.

"I'm ready to go whenever you guys are."

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Posted - 11/06/2001 :  23:29:00  Show Profile  Email Poster  Send Dom an instant message
(ooc:My bad I forgot.)

Dom looks at Ella.

"Sounds like fun but, I don't like confined spaces."

Clutch walks out with Soul, Jihon, and Strider and beckons Dom to follow him. He leads the group to an imppresive armory.

Clutch:Take anything you guys think you'll need. We have plenty to go around."

Dom looks around and smiles.

"Thanks clutch but, my Desert Eagles and Katana will do just fine."

He waits for the rest of the group to finish getting ready.

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Posted - 11/06/2001 :  23:49:57  Show Profile  Email Poster
Ella frowns as the group goes on their way to get armored up. She glances at Halcon and then drops the hand with the capsule in it to the side.

I'm going back to my room. Apparantly I'm out of the battle now that they don't need my "expertise", she sighs and trudges down the hall, dodging marines.

Turning the corner, she gives a secret smile once she is out of sight. Her eyes go to the triton capsule.

Let's give it a try, she nods along with her thoughts and glances around.

She chews at her lower lip for a moment, then jogs down the hall, way past her room and out a back door into the early morning air. Taking a deep breath, she sneaks past the marines guarding the outside of the building, pretending to be in a hurry to her "station". She watches the oncoming tritons, then runs for an open area...the landing zone.

Once there, she puts the capsule on the ground and pushes the red button...

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