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Here you will find the latest versions of the To the Bitter End Warcraft III campaign for download.  The manual can also be downloaded from this page.

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To the Bitter End

For centuries, the people of the Plane of Ithia have suffered under the iron-fisted rule of the immortal sorcerer Morganem and his Council of Six. Now finally their pleas for help are answered: five legendary heroes arrive from beyond the crimsom storms of the Warp, seeking to topple Morganem's corrupt Empire.

But Morganem will not step silently into the darkness of history, and he prepares to fight these interlopers to the bitter end.

The campaign file includes all 10 To the Bitter End Chapters, as well as the To the Bitter End Manual and a Readme file.

Now also available in Chinese and Russian! 



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To the Bitter End Manual

The Third Edition of the lovingly crafted game manual, available as a standalone downloadable PDF - just right-click and select Save As. Read about the rich history behind the heroes, villains, monsters and setting in the campaign! Note that the manual is automatically included in the main To the Bitter End download above.


To the Bitter End Game Guide- Coming Soon






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