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Welcome to the To the Bitter End official website!

As of 24/8/2011:


After over 6 years of work, the epic tale of Soul Reaver, Fei Serumen, Cameron Aileron, Kitharsis and Sera Poi and their battles against Morganem is complete.  It's been a long time, and I thank you all for your patience over these many years.

In case you're still undecided, you can view the Prologue cinematic below:

Now go to the Download page immediately to get the To the Bitter End campaign file!


To the Bitter End has been updated to v1.0.08!

v1.0.08 revamps the position of hero spells in the command card and modifies the hotkeys for non-hero units. This was done to bring To the Bitter End more in-line with the standard found in other Warcraft III custom campaigns.

Additional changes include a number of changes to cinematics to make them better compatible with a 16:9 aspect ratio, some small performance enhancements to Chapter V, and a minor buff to Explosive Shells, increasing the radius at which it causes full damage.

The Chinese and Russion versions have also been updated.

Note 1: "To the Bitter End" was built on a legacy version of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, prior to the release of the abomination that is Warcraft III: Reforged. As Warcraft III: Reforged currently does not officially support Custom Campaigns, To the Bitter End will likely not be compatible with any versions of Warcraft III after versions 1.29.

Note 2: due to the complexity of updating all the strings, there is small chance that there are bugs in the text (partiuclarly in the translated versions) so if you find any such error, please email me to let me know.


The Chinese version has now also been updated to v1.0.07.


Fixed a small bug in the Russian version that caused the Chapter names in the Chapter Select screen to not display correctly.


Once again, To the Bitter End is released in another language! To the Bitter End v1.0.07 has been translated into Russian!

A huge thank you to Кирляндия for the huge volunteer effort he put into this.

I am incredibly happy that To the Bitter End can be enjoyed by more people, and am fantastically grateful to Кирляндия for the many hours he put into making this happen. The translation now released has been deemed "TTBE Release version 1.0.07, Russian Translation Version 1.0.00". You can get the campaign from the Russian mirror of my site - just change your language setting on the 'Choose Language' option on the top left and head to the download page!


To the Bitter End has been updated to v1.0.07!

v1.0.07 features a completely new difficulty modification system. The 'easy' and 'medium' difficulty commands will both reduce the damage you take and incrase the damage you deal, and thus make the game considerably easier than before. The default 'hard' difficulty remains unchanged of course, and real heroes only play on hard!

There has also been an AI fix to Chapter V, and various small tooltip and grammar fixes.


To the Bitter End 1.0.06 has been updated and re-uploaded

It's a small cosmetic change so I don't think it justifies a whole new version number, but I've added shadow maps to all outdoor areas in the game. It should make it look just a little bit better. Thank you to Кирляндия for the suggestion!


To the Bitter End has been updated to v1.0.06!

There aren't any major changes in this one, just a couple of minor bugfixes:

- Fixed doodad placement in Chapter VI that could potentially cause a unit to be teleported into a spot from which there is no escape during the final boss battle
- Modified victory cinematic triggers to hopefully avoid any possiblities of heroes being killed (by a midair projectile, for exmaple) even after they have met the victory conditions
- Modified the cinematic-only units for certain key characters to ensure nothing that happens prior to the cinematic can kill them during the cinematic

Note that many of mybugfixes were implemented thanks to the YouTube Let's Play videos of To the Bitter End that I've seen - thank you both to Jayborino and Azothan for sharing your extremely entertaining videos!


To the Bitter End has been updated to v1.0.05!

This version fixes a whole bunch of niggling little errors that I've found and have been bothering me. Changes include:

- Incorrect trigger entries that reduced the efficiency of Blood Plague in Chapters 5-8 have now been fixed
- Explosive Shells slightly improved
- Active sub-selection are now no longer being reset whenever a treeman 'unroots' in Chapter 3 (seems to have been caused by a hardcoded problem with the 'root' and 'unroot' ability in vanilla Warcraft 3)

- Allied units are rescued from cells automatically when the doors are broken down in Chapter 1 (no need to run up to the ones in the back anymore!)
- Chapter 2 AI improved slightly
- Using the Soul Amulet now cancels the effects of Celerity (just like it logically should)
- Splash screens for opening/credits prettied up a bit
- Various small fixes to range/damage/MP progression for several abilities and summoned units
- Various small tooltip and dialogue fixes


After a monumental volunteer effort by Heishimo (He), the entirety of To the Bitter End v1.0.04 has been translated into Chinese!

This has been a incredible achievement, and I have to thank Heishimo from the bottom of my heart for all his localization efforts. The translation now released has been deemed "TTBE Release version 1.0.04, Chinese Translation Version 1.0.00". You can get the campaign from the Chinese mirror of my site - just change your language setting on the 'Choose Language' option on the top left and head to the download page!


After a ton of work, 'To the Bitter End' has been updated to version 1.0.04! This is a massive update. A non-exhaustive list of changes is below:

- Implemented a Damage Detection system that gets used with Blooddrinker Possession and Celerity, among other things. This will make these abilities more 'accurate', with no chance of teleporting away before finishing a hit
- Some name changes: Void Child Desolation is now Void Child Sorrow. Previous Void Child Sorrow is now Void Child Anguish. And the summoned Anguishes have been changed to Misery.
- Fixed a weird bug that was causing Kitharsis to permanently lose 2 Strength points at the start of every Chapter.
- Kitharsis' Sanstorm now spawns sandstorm twisters closer to his foes
- A failed Blooddrinker Possession should no longer cause Soul Reaver to attack Daemonic allies or his own Warp Gates
- Fixed a small bug in AI for Eryion Xanatha in Chapter VII
- Soul Reaver's Black Steel Gauntlets require less time to trigger. Their stun duration is slightly shorter against Heroes than it used to be, but due to an earlier bug, is now longer against normal units

- Fei Serumen's Blood Frenzy has been given a small additional damage bonus
- Cameron Aileron's Explosive Shells has gained a small additional damage increase
- Cameron Aileron's Psychic Onslaught code has been changed. It should now no longer be possible to exploit its AI to 'lose' it and have it attacking independently
- Maelstrom is faster and his Obliterate ability has a larger radius and a shorter explosion delay, so expect a greater challenge
- Dustwalker's Shadowcall has been revamped; a hit from a Shadow slows its target less than before, but their attacks always hit, the ability has a larger radius, and the Shadows spawn near their target, rather than near Dustwalker. Dustwalker's Malign Presence also has a larger effective radius, making it deadlier
- Death sound for Shadows fixed
- Dharuk Officer's Deafening Battle Cry now has a short cast delay and reduced duration against Heroes. Rally Strength has been improved. Both abilities have improved AI
- Dharuk Champions/Warmaster Whirling Frenzy does less damage but has a lower mana cost.
- The end of Chapter VI has been rebalanced to make it a little easier, with some additional healing available during the battle. This should help compensate for the additional threat posed by the faster, more powerful Maelstrom
- Apocalypse spell has been revamped. The runes are much tougher. They now will not trigger as long as they are being attacked, but will completely heal if not attacked for 2 seconds. Disrupting them all simultaneously is still the best strategy and works more reliably now
- Music code rewritten to prevent bug that sometimes causes music not to play after loading a game
- Fei Serumen model slightly modified to remove some 'excess' weapon glow
- Various dialogue changes
- A number other small fixes to tooltips, bugs, and game balance


It's taken a long time, but the loving crafter and illustrated To the Bitter End Game Manual is now available for your download pleasure. For convenience, it's been included in the main download, but you can also view it separately by clicking on the big 'Manual' button near the top left!


It's been a while, but, 'To the Bitter End' has been updated to version 1.0.03!

This version features two small updates:
- Eryion Xanatha's Energy Pulse debuff used to be removed when his Soul Mirrors cast the mirrored version of the ability on you. This has now been fixed
- Game dialogue has been revised or corrected in a number of places, fixing some grammar/spelling errors and improving flow and/or clarity

You can get the new version from the Download page.

Note: version 1.0.03 will not 'remember' Chapter progress you may have made in an older version, and saved games/replays made with an older version are not compatible with the new one!


After quite some work and testing, 'To the Bitter End' has been updated to version 1.0.02!

What was initally intended as a minor update has actually seen quite a few changes.  These include:
- Simplified ability hotkeys
- Cleaned up some code
- Fixed a problem with Kitharsis' Sandstorm ability (previously its damage was reduced by enemy armor.  Now it does damage like any other spell/ability)
- Fixed cast time for Soul Reaver's Sphere of Annihilation (should have been 1 second shorter)
- Increased damage for Fei Serumen's Blood Corruption
- Revamped Fei Serumen's Ultimate Grace ability.  It now has reduced dodge but provides a small amount of protection from spell/ability damage.
- Reduced 'cast backswing' time for some characters (ie, the time taken for characters to begin acting again on their own after they start the effect of a spell)
- Reduced cooldown times on Kherek's Corrosive Webbing and Dustwalker's Wither spells
- Fixed some AI issues
- Improved a few triggers
- Fixed and tweaked some tooltips, spelling, dialogue and cinematics
- Added visibility blocking for closed doors (Warcraft III lets you see through closed doors for some reason.  I've now made it that you can't)
- 'Idiot-proofed' Chapter I (there used to be various ways to mess up scripting, teleport through walls, or attack enemies through doors/walls without giving them a chance to fight back.  This should be a lot harder to do now)

You can get the new version from the Download page.

Note: version 1.0.02 will not 'remember' Chapter progress you may have made in an older version, and saved games/replays made with an older version are not compatible with the new one!


I have made a long-overdue update to the hints section - now there are hints for completing the epic final boss fight in Chapter VIII.

Also, I forgot to mention this earlier, but on 13-11-2011, 'To the Bitter End' was voted into the Director's Cut section of the Hiveworkshop Warcraft III site.  That means the site admins consider it to be truly amongst the very best of the best.  Hooray!


After a bit of a break, I'm releasing To the Bitter End version 1.0.01.  This version has some minor changes, such as spelling and bugfixes, an improved model for the weapon-less Soul Reaver in Chapter I.

Additionally, if for some crazy reason you don't like the in-game music, there is now a command to turn it off - even in those Chapters where the music can't normally be switched off using Warcraft III's inbuilt music volume.  Since this is a new feature though, please let me know if you happen to find any bugs with it.

Please note that saved games from To the Bitter End version 1.0.00 are not compatible with this newer version!


I may have been hiding something.  You see, I wasn't only working on Chapter 8... I was actually working on version 1.0.00, which includes the Prologue and Epilogue cinematic maps too, a massive amount of bug fixes, rebalancing and enhancements, and puts everything together into a campaign file.  This is it.  To the Bitter End is no longer in beta, it's now a full release.

Thank you everyone for waiting.  I hope you'll find the wait was worth it.


Actually, the progress indicator above is a little misleading: the cinematics are actually done, but I've got some cleaning up/testing to do before the release.  It'll be for the best in the end, I promise.


More progress with another chunk of the second cinematic now complete, including success at a rather tough trigger that I didn't actually expect would end up working so easily.  The next release feels like it's in my grasp!


I've made some good, solid progress this weekend.  The second cinematic is coming along nicely.


My apologies if progress over these last two weeks has seemed somewhat slow.  Unfortunately I ran into a major and unexpected technical hurdle that threatened to ruin my plans for the second cinematic.

Fortunately after much experimenting and planning, things are (hopefully) back on track.  I expect progress to resume at a more steady pace again now. 


A bunch of unexpected issues have been resolved, and the final cinematic to be completed before the next release is now nicely on-track.


Amongst replacing a broken video card, I still found time to complete the first cinematic.  Just one more to go before the next major release!


My apologies for the slow progress recently - not only have I been suffering writers' (modders'?) block, but my computer suffered a hard-disk failure about a week ago and I've been spending the time since then trying to get everything back up and running on a new harddisk.

The good news is that I haven't lost any progress (I had backups and everything turned out to be fully recoverable) and my computer is back in working order again now.  Work on the next release should progress normally again now.


I am back (and married), and life is gradually returning to normal.  I've had a bit of time already to work on the cinematics, and the progress details above have been updated to reflect this.


I should give everyone an advance warning: I am getting married in just over two weeks, and after that I will be going on a brief trip.  This upcoming marriage has contributed significantly to the recent slow progress.   It also means that until I come back on 18 February 2011, my work on To the Bitter End will probably have to go on a brief hiatus.  After the 18th February though, there will be no more wedding organizing or trips to worry about and work should continue as normal.

However, I have got a lot of work done, and the next major release will be very significant.  I need to complete two very major cinematics before that release, and possibly do some playtesting.  To give everyone an idea of how long that's likely to take, I've added a progress report to the top of this page, indicating how much of them has been completed thus far.  I will try to update this semi-regularly.  Note that it is not a reflection of how much work or time is still required (that's impossible to predict) - only how much of the cinematic is complete.

In addition, I've added a section to the manual about Morganem's allies, the otherworldly Void Children.


It was recently brought to my attention by Alex Haijean that a bug that I thought I had eliminated has proven far more resilient than I had expected.  The bug could, under certain specific circumstances, cause a unit to get completely stuck.  While it didn't happen often, if it did, it was a show-stopper.  Thus, I'm releasing a new version (0.7.05) which hopefully will be free of this bug.  While I was at it, I also added an animation for Fei's Kurusunami and Yugitti abilities.

Additionally, the manual has been updated, this time with a description of Morganem's mighty warriors, the Dharuk.


My apologies for the slow updates to the site.  If it is any consolation, I have spent the time since the last update making excellent progress with Chapter VIII's cinematics.

But to ensure that this update is not just a brief progress update, I have also added to the manual the profile of the last member of Morganem's Council of Six: the ruthless necromancer, Kaine Shariven.


Whew, I've been pretty busy lately, both in real life and with To the Bitter End.  In the process of working on Chapter VIII I ended up making a lot of bugfixes and changes to Chapters I-VII, so it's about time for a new version: 0.7.04.

Changes this time around are quite considerable, and include:
- 'Clutchfiend' is no longer called Clutchfiend.  The person who originally created the character's backstory has retconned some of those details, which includes a change to his name.  I decided to incorporate this into my maps, so now he's called 'Cameron Aileron'.  Let me know if I missed any references to the old Clutchfiend name!
- Variable difficulty levels now added.  While in-game, press Enter, then type "easy", "medium" or "hard" into the chat window to change the difficulty for the Chapter accordingly - the game is set to 'hard' by default.  Note that the changes will only affect the currrent map being played.  Easier difficulties reduce the max HP of your enemies slightly, but heroes are affected less than normal units.
- Numerous minor graphical enhancements, including changes to Summon Daemon, Summon Tirthandaran Minions, Summon Abyssal Mass, Summon Golden Host, as well as adding a custom lighting effect for the Void Lightning spell.
- A slight easing of the difficulty.  The Dharuk Battle Frenzy ability has been slightly weakened, and all Void Children inflict slightly less damage with their physical attacks.  Eryion Xanatha's Soul Mirrors and Aegis Shield abilities are also slightly less powerful than before.  Don't worry, the maps are still hard as nails.
- Fixed bugs with the Sphere of Annihilation and Cataclysm spells, both of which used to potentially have screwy graphical effects or even crash the game under certain circumstances.
- Fixed a bug that could cause units to get permanently 'paused' under some conditions.
- Fixed a problem with the music in Chapter IV not resuming how it should half-way through the map.

But that's not all!

The Gallery has been updated with several new pieces of excellent art by Stephen Cousins, including images for Soul Reaver, Fei Serumen, Kitharsis, Sera Poi, and the brutish Dharuk.  A sign of things yet to come?  Be sure to take a look!

Lastly, the website has seen a considerable number of updates, including the Manual.  There is now a new section detailing the background story of the sinister undead Gravelord, Dustwalker.


I have reached a significant milestone: all the work required for the gameplay for Chapter VIII is now complete.  This means, in theory, that Chapter VIII is now playable.

In practice, there's still quite a bit to finish though.  I have playtesting and balancing to do, possibly some bugs to fix (should I find any I've missed so far), as well as three very sizable cinematics to make.  However, I am very pleased with the progress of the map, and the (bitter) end has never looked closer.

I've also added the character profile for the mighty, insect-like Kherek to the manual.


After a recent bug report from Steiber Csaba, I have released a new version of Chapters I-VII to version 0.7.03

The primary reason for this revision is a re-write of a number of triggers in Chapter III that could cause allies to fail to spawn correctly in some circumstances - this should now no longer occur.

The new versions also include some minor tooltip corrections (for accuracy and grammar).

Also, I have added the character profile for the misguided Eryion Xanatha to the manual.


Work on Chapter VIII is still slowly progressing.  There have been some minor delays due to unexpected bugs, but these have been resolved.

I've also added another character profile to the manual, this one for the sadistic Kathryn Urdanna.


I've been quite busy with TTBE lately, and while most of the work has been going into Chapter VIII, there has also been an update to the existing maps.  I'm pleased to announce that Version 0.7.02 of Chapters I-VII are now available from the Download page.

The new version consists of a minor fix (Chapter VI had been missing its version number command) as well as some aesthetic and balance fixes (don't worry, the balances fixes tend to make life easier):
- Soul Reaver's 'Iron Will' now has a modified custom model, rendering the effect in red rather than blue... a more accurate visual depiction of the skill!
- The Void Child Fury's 'Insane Frenzy' ability is slightly less powerful and costs more HP to cast.
- The Void Child Desolation's 'Void Winds' spell no longer freezes targets for quite as long, although it does now cause marginally higher damage.
- The Void Child Hatred's 'Storm of Hate' ultimate now inflicts somewhat less damage (thought it's still very nasty)
- Daemonspawn now attack more quickly and regenerate even faster

Lastly, I've fixed a few spelling mistakes on the website, and also added yet another new character profile to the Manual: the brutal Awakened One, Maelstrom.


The last weekend was spent not only on the usual work for Chapter VIII, but also discovering a rather vicious bug in that Chapter that caused saved games to crash when loaded.  Fortunately, after a brutal two-day battle, I can report victory - the glitch has been crushed and should not make an appearance when Chapter VIII is released.

Chapter VIII is slowly but steadily becoming playable, and I have been playtesting various aspects of it already.

I have also rearranged the Manual slightly, and, as promised last time, added a small bit of additional background information: a brief character profile for 'To the Bitter End's antagonist, Morganem.

Further updates will follow.


I have recently been reminded that it's been some time since my last update, so it is about time to remind people that I am still amongst the land of the living.

Work on Chapter VIII has been progressing, with a major hurdle just recently overcome, and with me getting more time to work on it lately.  Furthermore, I've done pretty much all the 'boring' work, which certainly helps keep me motivated.

As a small bonus I've added another section to the manual - specifically, it is the tale of Morganem's Rise to Power, and will finally let you all know how things came to be the way they are in the war-torn Plane of Ithia.

More backstory updates may follow in the future.


Two images have been added to the Gallery page - both are the work of a very talented artist called Tom Hering.  Thank you, Tom!


I've come back from overseas and have been slowly working away at Chapter VIII.  However, it has been wisely suggested by someone that I append some sort of version number onto my maps.

While I do not want to clutter up my maps with version numbers and instructions, I do see the value in this.  So, while playing any newer TTBE map release, you can view its version number by typing in "version" (without quotation marks) into the chat window.  This will display the version.  If nothing comes up, then the map is older than version 0.7.01, and you might want to download a newer version from this site.

The most up-to-date version number will always be listed at the top of the Download page, in case you need to check.

In addition to the version numbers, the latest release also has a very minor bugfix and some spelling corrections.

Now, back to work on Chapter VIII...


A number of rather major life events (purchasing and moving into my first house, getting engaged, and now an upcoming one-month overseas holiday) have made progress on Chapter VIII considerably more sporadic than I had hoped - I've been pretty much flat out dealing with these things for the past month or two, with only a few chances to really sit down and concentrate on working on To the Bitter End.

However, I do want to reassure everyone that I am still around, and I am still working on Chapter VIII, and that progress is being made.  The pace should pick up again considerably once I return from my holiday.


I have recently purchased a new computer, and it has taken me some time to set up everything on it.  It is now up and running and work on Chapter VIII was set to continue.

However, up until this reinstall, I had been using Warcraft III version 1.23.  After this reinstall, and on installing the 1.24 patch, an error (due to some trigger changes) made it impossible for me to edit my own maps.  Strangely enough however, they still remained playable with no apparent bugs or ill effects.

Since the maps still play problem-free on 1.24, I've made no changes to the maps hosted online yet.  I personally have also 'downgraded' back to 1.23 to continue editing - while I may address the issue in the future, it's not much of a problem if it does not affect playability, so it is not a high priority.

However, should you experience any problems playing the maps using Warcraft III v1.24, please send me an e-mail (at meet_soul_reaver@hotmail.com) and let me know.


A new version of Chapter VII has been uploaded, which rebalances the final battle slightly, making it slightly more challenging.


Another TTBE-inspired image has been donated by Chris Oldland - this time it is one of the dark Void Children.  You can view it in the Gallery section of this site.


A new version of Chapter VII has been uploaded, which (hopefully) eliminates a bug that could under certain circumstances prevent a door for opening for Clutchfiend/Cameron - the problem was caused by the 'Undying' enemies in the previous section, which previously could be bypassed without completely killing them.

I have also added a Gallery section to the site - I received a fine piece of art from Chris Oldland, and felt that I wanted to show it off.  Additional art may be forthcoming as well.

Lastly, work on Chapter VIII has (slowly) been progressing.  I have successfully managed to teach myself some new techniques that I had not been able to do previously, and some simple terrain planning and unit creation has been done.


Strategies for Chapter VII are now available in the 'Hints' section.

Furthermore, both the Manual and the Hints pages now have a handy Contents section, which will let you jump right to whatever topic you're after without breaking your scroll-wheel.


Again, Chapter VII and all previous Chapters have been updated.  This includes some small fixes to incorrect capitalization in some dialogue, as well as a fix for a bug that prevented music lists from remaining cleared at the end of certain cinematics.


Chapter VII and all previous Chapters have been updated.  This includes a bugfix for when characters are not transferred over from Chapter VI, which resulted in them having lower skill levels than they were supposed to.  Furthermore, I have addressed a discrepancy between the night-vision range of new heroes and transferred heroes... before this, transferred heroes had full sight range at all times, but new heroes saw more poorly at night.  Now, all heroes will see equally well regardless of if it's day or night in all maps (they're immortals after all, a bit of darkness isn't likely to be a problem for them).


Chapter VII: Grim Harvest has been completed!
At long last, it's finished!  Get it from the Download page.  Earlier Chapters have also been updated.  Changes include a rebalancing of the Celerity skill (allowing it to be used more often, but reducing its duration), a bugfix for the Sandstorm skill, and a rebalancing of the Blooddrinker item (making it safer to use and better against groups of enemies, but somewhat less effective in one-on-one encounters), plus various other small additional fixes.  Hints for Chapter VII will be available at a slightly later date.


I am afraid to say that, despite my last prediction, Chapter VII is not yet ready for release, thus further fuelling my belief that making predictions about release times brings ill-fortune.

Extensive re-balancing issues and some important and unexpected personal commitments had slowed work during the last month, although I have still made progress.

At this point in time, Chapter VII is about 80% playable, and I only have a few cinematics and one last area to work on.  It's the home stretch, so wish me good fortune!


As something of a public service announcement: unfortunately, Filefront took its servers offline yesterday.  Filefront provided file hosting services for a large number of patches and mods (and were one of my file mirrors).

I will look for another host to replace Filefront for my files in the future, but I am sad to see this fine service discontinued.

This has not affected work on Chapter VII, which is continuing at a good pace.  Most of the work on it is done and more than half of it is fully playable now.  Barring no unforseen delays, I would estimate that it will be finished in about a month.  And no, this is not an April Fools joke.


A Happy New Year to everyone.  After going through some revisions, I have finally settled on a final structure for Chapter VII, and the terrain outline for this has been completed.  Adding doodads and details is currently in progress.


Rest assured, work on To the Bitter End is continuing at a nice, steady pace.  All difficult preliminary work for Chapter VII: Grim Harvest has been completed, and terraining is currently underway.


Chapter VI: Harbingers of War has been updated!
Just a minor change.  Should you spend too long at a given outpost, the reinforcements will start coming thicker and faster than ever.  This should be further incentive not to waste too much time...


Chapter VI: Harbingers of War is complete!
Yes, it's been a long, long time, but Chapter VI is finally finished and ready for release!  You can get it from the Downloads page.  I will also be making it available on various other download sites soon.  I hope you will enjoy it - you've certainly been waiting long enough for it!

I will endeavor to write some Hints for Chapter VI later, so if you're getting stuck, check back in a day or two.

Chapters I-V have also seen some very minor updates and balance fixes, so feel free to get the the newest versions from the download page as well.


Chapter VI is now at the playtesting phase!  That means that all the actual map-making is now done.  All I need to do is fine-tune the cinematics, fix any bugs I find, and if necessary, tweak the difficulty a little.

Depending on how the playtesting goes, the map may be released in about a week or so, but again, I cannot make any guarantees - who knows what problems may crop up at the last minute?


Two short updates:

Chapter VI is now 80% complete.  The last area still needs to be finished, and it's still needing tweaking and balancing, but things are looking good.

Secondly, thanks to some feedback from a fan, I've found and fixed a bug in Chapter V that prevented Kitharsis' custom skin from showing correctly.  I think this bug crept in with the last update, but the version uploaded here doesn't have that issue anymore.


It has been some time since the last update to this site, so a new one is long overdue.

Firstly: Yes, To the Bitter End is still an active project.  I work on it for about an hour every day, and I am determined to get it finished.

Secondly: The Administorum, the original inspiration for To the Bitter End, has closed.  However, this in no way affects the To the Bitter End project, or my love for the Multiverse and its characters.  To me, the Multiverse has always lived more in my mind and heart than at any website, and it will remain that way.

Thirdly: Chapter VI is going well.  The reason why there has been such a long delay is because of a huge and exhausting load of preliminary work that was required in order to start actually working on Chapter VI.  This preliminary work - making and testing the custom units and abilities - took literally months.  However, I have completed all this, and have been busily working on the map.  The map itself is over 60% complete, and barring unexpected delays, should be fully done in a month or two.  I hate making time estimates, but I'm fairly confident this goal can be met.

Keep your eyes on this site and remain patient, Chapter VI will get finished! 


Work on Chapter VI is continuing at a steady pace.  I'm currently working on a number of interesting new custom abilities and units that are proving to be rather time consuming, but are looking pretty good so far.


Though I have been overseas for a while, I am now back.  Work on Chapter VI has resumed and I've also uploaded new versions of Chapter I-V, which should hopefully fix a bug that became apparent in Chapter V.


A new update to Chapters I-V is now available.  It features a few changes, namely:
- Major bugfix: there was a bug with the triggers that handled the Summon Daemons Ultimate that could, under certain circumstances, cause Fei Serumen or Sera Poi to die shortly after joining you in Chapters II or V respectively.  This bug has now hopefully been isolated and fixed.  Let me know if it reoccurrs!
- New special effect: There is now a visual effect for Clutchfiend/Cameron when he channels Psychic Onslaught.  Has no actual effect on gameplay but looks pretty.
- Hotkey fix: A missing hotkey in Chapter V has now been fixed.
- Trigger fixes: Several triggers have been changed or streamlined to make them more efficient.  This probably won't be noticeable in-game though.
- Minor corrections: Some other minor corrections to some tooltips.


New versions of Chapters I-V are now available for upload!  These include a minor bugfix for Chapter I, a change to how Celerity works (to eliminate some exploits) and a Chapter V with a altered final boss battle and somewhat nicer looking terrain.


After a great deal of difficulty, I managed to re-upload Chapter V, so it should hopefully be working again.  Let me know if there are any problems with unzipping or running the file.

Implemented a small bugfix in Chapter V.  It's nothing major, but could be an issue under some circumstances.  Thanks to Spirit Slasher for pointing this problem out to me.


Chapter V: Reunion is complete!
Yes, that's right, after almost a whole year of work, Chapter V is completed.  Chapter V turned out to be an incredible challenge to complete, but finally everything seems to be working as it should.

Some of the other maps have undergone minor changes (Sandstorm is now a much more useful Ultimate, and Daemon Spawn will regenerate even faster than before, for example).

On this site, I've added a section on inconsistencies to the manual, to reflect some of the differences between characters and events as they are depicted in To the Bitter End and in the source material.


Just an update on my progress: Chapter V is, after a huge amount of work and much delay due to other commitments, close to completion.  However, it is not done yet, and I will soon be leaving the country.  I will hopefully be able to work on Chapter V while I am overseas - if so, it should be done relatively soon.  Once it is I will of course post it here on the site.


Fixed some spelling errors and added title shots to the download page.


The TTBE website is updated.  All pages are made available, the incomplete manual is uploaded, and Chapters I-IV are made available for download.


The TTBE website first goes live.






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